Diary of the mockingjay

Through Peetas love and encouragement, I began to feel my own desire to bring a child into this world. Katniss provides hope and suffering. His loving words, his strong yet gentile arms, and his ability to make me feel, safe, loved and calm.

So now, on the night after everything had occur, I stare at my sleeping husband and brush the hair from his face. But I need to stop writing, Peeta's almost home and I have many decisions to make within the next minute.

Yes, humans are disgusting creatures who hurt and kill one another, who do horrible things because of greed and selfishness and just pure malice.

Another pod activates, causing another street to split down the middle into a crevice below. I just re-read this review a month or so after I wrote it and I sincerely apologize for my sloppy writing and overindulgence in run-on sentences.

Gale suggests that they use special bombs that he and Beetee designed to blow up the Nut. Katniss Everdeen — Symbolizes the Mockingjay for the rebels. She fought her way into the Capitol and ended the Rebellion. They can find more constructive and positive ways to deal with their problems.

When she is supposed to execute Snow, she kills Coin instead. I would need many books to be able to accomplish such a task.

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Katniss completes her SSC simulated street combat training, and is assigned onto the Squad. Before he dies, he puts Katniss in charge.

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Though I guess since I'm feeling so passionately about all of this, it wasn't a worthless read. Coin decides they should hold a vote to see if they should hold a 76th Hunger Games consisting with the children from those who had most power in the Capitol.

Diary of the Mockingjay Paper

The only real action is towards the end when she and her team are going on the assassin mission to kill Snow, and even THAT was originally only for a propo that went astray.

This constant linkage from Goodreads to other social networking sites keeps information flowing and connectivity continuous. There are probably some other things that I'll update this review with once disappointment and frustration are no longer clouding my brain. Commander Lyme agrees to aid the rebels in the plan and they discuss how to take over the mountain.

The Ashes Katniss takes stock of her new position as a rebel in District She describes the Hunger Games as "an updated version of the Roman gladiator games, which entails a ruthless government forcing people to fight to the death as popular entertainment.

She throws the holo into the sewers, killing the mutts but destroying the holo. In Catching Fire, these qualities diminished; she was mainly a pawn, a puppet for others to use for their own objectives.

Age of Extinction beginning June They become split up in the process, leaving Gale and Katniss together, but a riot ensures and the rebels start attacking the two, causing the Capitol to fight back.

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Peeta reminded me life can go on, and things can be okay again. She is now keeping a journal to document her life. My name is Katniss Everdeen. Gods and Kings in its fourth weekend. It is so mindnumbingly dull to be watching a character watching something, instead of experiencing the action with the character.

A rebellion is unfolding and war is on the brink. Save hunger games diary to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results THE HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGJAY PART 1 JOURNAL Diary Brand New Still In Package.

Well everyone, that's it for this one. Thank you for your comments, support, and continuous reading. But if you are sad this one is over, no need to fret. This summer, I am excited to announce that I will be releasing the sequel to Diary of a Mockingjay.

It will be Katniss' journal with her experiences throughout her and Peeta's first pregnancy. Mockingjay Written by Suzanne Collins Published in Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction B. Mockingjay, written by Suzanne Collins, is the third and final book to the hit series, The Hunger Games.

pm I had the wildest dreams, yo! So it was me and this group of people all college age (but of course I was the only black girl). Read The Mockingjay from the story Book Quotes by plusdanshiii (zzz) with 11, reads. nerd, books, bookquotes.


"You're a painter. You're a baker. You like to Discover. Discover; The Diary of a Young Girl Norwegian Wood Percy Jackson and the Olympians Harry Potter The Mockingjay The Book Thief Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Diary of Katniss Everdeen Entry #1 My name is Katniss Everdeen and I am the mockingjay. I was chosen for the 74th and 75th Annual Hunger Games and I ended it all. Prim is dead, mom and gale went to the help people. I killed snow and ended the corrupt government with a new generation of freedom and hope.

Diary of the mockingjay
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