The aral sea disaster essay

Smaller lakes within the Aral Sea that have stopped being fed by river flows tend to have higher salinity due to evaporation, causing some or all fishes that either survived or had been reintroduced in the s to die.

This in turn lowers the specific humidity at the surface, which further increases the rate of evaporation. But, as a result of the soviet central government decision, today Muynak is a desert town more than a hundred kilometers from the sea. The vast area of exposed seabed is laced with pesticides.

With so much less water, the Aral has become too salty for fish to survive.

Aral Sea Term paper

Did a major disaster prompt abandonment of the site. At least they had the North Aral sea to attempt to recover one of the thing that they did is the Kazakh government planned to build Dike Kokaral, a concrete dam separating the two different parts of the Aral Sea.

The Aral Sea was an inland salt water sea, one odd thing about this sea is, there was no channels connected to the sea. Less than 30 macro invertebrates survived and of the land animal that were reliant of the Aral Sea a few dozen remain.

The possible solutions that they came out with were 1. Water moves upward and salt concentration increases in the surface layers of the soil. By establishing a program to promote agriculture and especially that of cotton, Soviet government led by Khrouchtchev in the s deliberately deprived the Aral Sea of its two main sources of water income, which almost immediately led to less water arriving to the sea.

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The water loss exceeded the limit of natural water level variation that has occurred in the past. The decline in the groundwater level in the Amudarya and Syndarya deltas lead to increase in salinity. Using alternative cotton species that require less water 5.

As a result commercial fishing catches fell from 43, tons in to zero in Therefore the diversion of rivers is at the origin of the imbalance that caused the sea to slowly desiccate over the last 4 decades.

Frequent low-water periods contributed to the shortfall of needed resources for vegetation. Also when the wind blows across the dried up Sea, it carries dust containing toxic chemicals.

The Aral sea is becoming a desert because the farming and trade in the former Soviet Union increased dramatically. The reason why we decided to explore the implications up to today of this human alteration of the environment is precisely that certain characteristics of the region, from its geography to its population growth, account for dramatic consequences since the canals have been dug.

About 20 species were identified by the biologists from the sea, including sturgeon and catfish. Risen groundwater dilutes and moves upward the salt resting in the soil. Also from that time the people who lived near the Aral Sea that could never be fixed.

The Aral Sea Crisis

Installing dams to fill the Aral Sea 8. In normal conditions, the Aral Sea gets approximately one fifth of its water supply through rainfall, while the rest is delivered to it by the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers.

Before the soviet central union government made the decision to put out water from the 2 rivers the actual Aral Sea was a rich source of fish. The shrinking period was also characterized by less ice covering of the sea.

The first one who pulled the trigger that started the disaster of Aral Sea was the soviet central government. The heat capacity is reduced; therefore it can warm up and cool off faster than before. The other cause of shrinking of Aral Sea is change in the sea surface temperature.

When agriculture uses furrow irrigation, soil receives an excessive amount of water from rivers and canals. In decided to make the Soviet Union to be self-sufficient in cotton and to increase the production of rice. The fresh water from these two rivers keeps the water of Aral Sea and the slat levels in perfect balance.

The water level in the Aral Sea started drastically decreasing from the s onward. Although, the water level has fluctuated up to a few metres in the past due to natural variability, in the water flow from the rivers, by Those consequences range from unexpected climate feedbacks to public health issues, affecting the lives of millions of people in and out of the region.

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Environmental Disaster - Aral Sea

Evaporation is another cause of pollution in Aral Sea. The Aral Sea disaster is one of ecological disasters that effect terribly on our life. It was fourth largest lake in the world, but nowadays 80 per cent of water disappeared. The main reason why the Aral Sea has shrunk so dramatically is because water from the rivers flowing to it has been diverted for irrigation.

The Aral Sea was the fourth-largest Sea in the world at one time but today it does not exist in any last apart from the top ten ecological disasters caused by humans. The Aral is an inland salt-water sea with no outlet.

It is fed by two rivers, the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The fresh water from these two rivers held the Aral's water and salt levels in perfect balance.

The Aral Sea Crisis

The aral sea was the fourth-largest lake of the world is now the world s eighth largest lake. The Ecological Disaster of the Aral Sea essaysAs a result of throwing pesticides into the sea, the great catastrophe in the area of the Aral Sea, strongly affected its residents.

It is no exaggeration to say that the case of the Aral Sea is one of the greatest environmental catastrophes ever recorde. The Aral Sea, a large saltwater lake, is losing more than half of its surface area in 40 years. 3. Cows walk in the desert which used to be the seabed of the Aral Sea 4.

Human Impacts: Not only was the climate and animal life affected but even humans were affected from this disaster. Drinking water supplies were contaminated by pesticides. The aral sea disaster essay The aral sea disaster essay electromedicine research paper reconstruction summary essays the imperfect enjoyment poem analysis essay appalti pubblici gara .

The aral sea disaster essay
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