The bad effects of the internet development 2 essay

When students and teenagers use of Internet is too much, the abandonment of family will occur as one of the negative effects of Internet. One other category is emotional health effects.

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This may not be good if you need to be somewhere at a certain time. Last is the effect of technology on the health of youth. To do that, it is important to understand the nature of Internet. There is no exercise for teenagers and students in this global system. Lack Of Creativity The lack of creativity in teenagers and students is also another one of negative effects of Internet rooting from its benefits.

Privacy Disrupted Occurring due to the free information flow of Internet, privacy threat is one of the negative effects of Internet that you should know about [3].

For many students, the Internet is the only friend they have. To know more information, please click at: Internet Addiction The Internet addiction is not less dangerous than other types of addiction. For young people at these ages, their personality, as well as moral concepts, is just developing.

The same situation happens to not only students but also to users at any age. Your best online friend you talk every day may not the same as your expectation.

We are the deciders and we have to choose how to use it. Obviously, the original purpose of parents when they equip their children with the Internet is to open a door to the new world, not to close themselves in a fiction planet without family. It is your second family, a family online, even though you have never made face to face contact with anybody.

Besides many useful and effective things the Internet provides, there is something that can result in moral corruption in teenagers or students, for example, black websites.

Technology makes the thinking skills weak and although it strengthens visual reasoning skills, it also contributes to poor eye sight.

If we use it for positive things, it will have positive effect of our lives and vice versa. As on date, the internet is so famous worldwide. Therefore, keep in mind that not everything is exchangeable on the Internet.

We all know that staying up late is not good for our health.

The Bad Effects of the Internet Development Essay

Hire Writer First of all, as a result of the development of the Internet, there are problems of internet addiction.

With virtual relationships and friendships given more relevance over the real ones, it is high time that we regulate the extent of internet exposure provided to our children. The internet is an example of modern technology that provides a tremendous amount of benefits, but also negative side effects.

If the original purpose of Internet was to help students and teenagers work more efficiently, it now makes them do no work at all. It will keep them connected with the outside world which will help them in staying informed about everything that is happening around the world.

11 Negative Effects Of Internet On Students And Teenagers

The internet helps the scholars to exchange the concepts and materials amid the students, professors, scientists. The internet allows and makes possible for the schools and university students to exchange knowledge with corporate clusters and organizations related to various subjects.

Internet activities are leading to very criminal activities. Internet addiction is common, but just like any habit, it is possible to break it. Therefore, we should make the best use of the positive sides of the Internet and try to solve and reduce the negative effects of the Internet. Especially for students, the explorations and advancement of Internet turn it into a promising distraction.

Their privacy stands a risk of being disrupted and hindered. For students and teenagers, online games or these social networking websites are a big attraction. Students can also refer to the job proposals offered worldwide in any field of their choice which helps them in choosing a right job according to their needs and demands.

It is never easier for haters to give ugly words toward a person. One example would be procrastination. Therefore, it is important to be aware of these negative effects of Internet in advance.

The time for family, for parents is replaced by hours of Internet browsing. Among the most popular questions addressed in online communication research is the extent to which Internet use leads to undesirable psychosocial outcomes such as depression and loneliness.

Negative Effects Of Technology On Our Lives On the other hand, there are instances which show the problems with improved and advanced technology or the solution for one problem with the help of technology is giving rise to another problem.

Free words essay on positive and negative impacts of internet on students for school and college students. Essay on Positive & Negative Impacts of Internet on Students.

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The Bad Effects of the Internet Development - Essay Example

Rick Warren said. “I merely believe the Internet has made us ruder. ” What do you believe of his words? Modern society is the information-oriented society. Everything Read More "The Bad Effects of the Internet Development Essay". It has really bad side effects on young adults.

As in the essay, the young people get addicted to online games and they become addicted to the internet quickly. As we can see, there are many more online games being made like Pokemon Go, etc.

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is really dangerous for young people.

The bad effects of the internet development 2 essay
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Essay on Positive & Negative Impacts of Internet on Students - Short essays on famous quotes