The benefits of my college degree

Stronger Job Stability A college degree also leads to stronger job stability. In whatever major that a person takes while in college, one will get a higher understanding of what the class is about.

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Vacations have never been something we could take.

The Benefits of My College Degree

As our society has continued to evolve, education has become the optimal route to professional success: A study produced by Lancet, a reputable medical journal, showed that between and there was a significant decrease in infant mortality rates for women as they attained higher levels of education.

The benefits of going to college outweigh the possible negatives of going to college. A better world starts with you. College can help a person learn about their strengths, weaknesses and things that interest them in the field of careers and jobs.

The Benefits of My College Degree Essay

It is fine to tell kids that they need to do this and do that because it will make life easier on them. However there is usually a big difference in the tuition expenses at 4-year schools and community colleges, with students attending 4-year institutions ending up paying more.

It also instills crucial skills like organization, self-discipline and the ability to complete tasks from start to finish. Well, that all depends on you — but in most cases, the answer is yes.

The correlation between education and volunteer rates shows that individuals with higher levels of education are more likely to volunteer.

Those children also have a much easier time getting into good schools because their parents have emphasized the importance of an education to them. Some researchers indicate that the majority college graduates have healthier lifestyles.

In the long run attending college should be viewed as an investment that pays off later in life and contributes to a higher living standard. This was something I always wanted to do and attempted a couple times when I was younger.

While a college degree holds value and a great potential in itself there are other factors that could either diminish or increase that value — factors: However, data from a wide range of reputable sources such as the U.

Our bills are always a month behind, though we do manage to always keep our utilities from being shut off, and we have always kept food on the table and clothes on our families back, however there has never been extra money to thoroughly enjoy life.

In college, a person will meet many people from many different places. This translates into about 1. Thirty-eight percent of bachelor's degree holders reported volunteering, compared to 26 percent of those with an associate degree or just partial college experience.

Society Benefits From College-Educated Citizens

Plus, with a college degree, one will not need as much training as someone who did not get a degree. Plus, even if that person does get fired, that person will still be more likely to find a job somewhere else because of the college degree Ten Great….

I was feeling like a failure because I did not do this. I always gave up before I completed the degree. They know that their parents pushed through adversity to earn their degrees, and they apply that same philosophy to going after what they want in life -- a bar that is placed that much higher by having college-educated parents.

We will also have the extra money to take a family vacation.

Does a College Degree Affect My Chances of Approval?

After high school, many students get caught up in the increased amount of money they can potentially make because The benefits of a college education also extend beyond generations. The people who suffer the most from job cuts are lower level employees who only have high school diplomas.

A person will have to do a If you get an education in a field that interests you, going to work will not be such a dreaded experience.

Benefits of Earning a College Degree

The Benefits Of A Four Year College Words | 8 Pages. The Benefit to a Four year College When students graduate from high school.

They feel that they don 't need to pursue a four year college degree. Society as a whole benefits when its citizens choose to work toward a college education. College graduates lower the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate for individuals with no college experience is more than twice the rate of those with at least a bachelor s degree.

Attending college to get your bachelor’s degree is definitely a commitment, but the benefits you reap after earning your degree make the investment well worth it. Here are the top five benefits of earning your bachelor’s degree.

The Benefits of My College Degree Cindy Wright ENG Professor Vargas January 23, My husband and I have struggled for years just to make ends meet and pay the bills.

Earning a college degree is an important step, both personally and professionally. When you consider the financial, social and cultural benefits of higher education, it is easy to see how a degree can make a big difference in your life and career.

Obviously, higher income is a primary benefit of earning your college degree. But most jobs that require a bachelor's, master's, doctoral or professional degree tend to also provide more benefits.

This can include health care, retirement investment, travel and other perks.

The benefits of my college degree
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